Bagasse pellet

Item No: AW-S-BP

Use: Cattle,Horse,Pig,Camel, Sheep, Goat etc

Original: Vietnam

Bagasse is a by-product from the plant after pressed sugar cane to produce sugar. Bagasse has many different uses such as: paper material, as fuel for boilers, plywood, ... Our company specializes in providing fermented sugarcane bagasse for animal feed. Due to the high fiber content, so bagasse can substitute for other raw materials such as grass, straw, etc

Color : brown black

Length : 30-40mm

Diameter : 8mm

Admixture (%):  100 % bagasse

Moisture (%): Max.12%

Sugar content:  min. 1,5%

Protein:  Min.7,5%

Ash:  Max. 6,5%

Packing: PP

Container 40 weight: 24 tons